(My Place In This World)

“So many times I walked along the shore
On a sandy beach
The angry waters crashing (and)
The sun kissing it’s rapids
Blinding my sight

My feet embedded in the sand
Leaving a mark of where I’ve been
A small piece of history
Only for the waters to erase what is behind me
No one noticed but me

Sometimes I look back and don’t understand
Other times I’m glad for this
I pray for this
Wash, wash it all away

Funny thing about the ocean
It’s so powerful in strength
In scent, In sound, In sight
Even in taste
You don’t even have to touch it to notice any of those things
It surrounds you, and you become a part of it

The waters are seemingly endless
Looking upon it’s horizon
It encompasses so much of our world
Yet we take it for granted
Wash, wash me away

So I walk yet again
And sometimes I take steps back into my old
Thinking of it’s comfort
But fear it’s consequence
The waters keep changing, so why can’t I ?

Onward again, many journeys ahead
Many footsteps to lead my way
And I’m sure, many I will leave behind
That wherever it brings me
I’ll surely know then
My place in this world”

~(c)hYdE rOcK

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