As the Bay merges with the great Sea
My bare toes sink into her Sands
Swept away into the Sunlight
Eyes squinting through weak Sunglasses

The tide threatens to reach my blanket
I freeze as one often does
Hoping she doesn’t reach my belongings and I
Nonetheless, the outcome is the same… nervous laughter
With relief I’m spared
Noticing others were not
But it’s her warning if I selectly remain
We ante up, she wears a charming poker face
I withdraw only somewhat, allowing myself to tarry near her Shore

Children rolling off the lifeguard’s sandhills
Collecting Sand Crabs in their Pails..
Creating a barrier to defer the waters

Deflected I am, by the glorious Sun and happy People
She must’ve noticed my guard had been lowered
As the Shark stalks his prey
Briskly, she swept across me, and soused my blanket

I fold…

©Hyde Rock

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