Monthly Archives: August 2014




Like a Magnet you pull me
Against the vigorous rapids
I cannot contest
My body rushed out deep into Sea
I am breathless, exposed

My Heart beats swiftly

Frightened, drenched, I am spinning
Waiting to catch my breath
But it doesn’t come
I’m ambiguous, but love how it feels

I’m so far away from everything that seems secure
Yet everything I see is beautiful from this view
The Blues carry me
It holds me en masse
Waves crash past me, I am beyond all

I no longer feel the wild waters

It’s quiet here, beautiful ambience
It’s as if we are alone, at last
I look up and see the Sun setting
The clamor from the distance raises
Knowing I must return

Awakening me, I must accept…

Only this time, it’s different
Your Hand rests in mine
The Storm reposes, released into the Rapid’s Mist
Your Riptide draws me to your Heart forevermore

My Love, never receding

©Hyde Rock