Precious One

The Sea brings my Spirit alive!
It restores my Strength,
Reminds me of my Dreams,
Fills my Soul,
Rejuvenates my Faith.
The salty Air keeps my hunger for everything sated.
It is there, by the Sea, I feel most at Peace.
The Sunrise, a reminder I am here,
Blessed with a new Day, a new Chance.
The Sunset, a reminder for everything to be grateful that Life has given Me;
A reminder to embrace Tomorrow’s Sunrise, if I’m ever so blessed.
The Sands, a reminder that something so small and appearingly so insignificant,
If put together in masses,
Can make beautiful Dunes, Shorelines & Beaches to rest & walk upon.
The Wildlife soaring above, swimming or walking beside Me,
A reminder I’m not the only One that needs the Sea.
That we must never take It for granted. That we are One.
Breathe in the Salty Air, close your eyes and listen to the Ocean’s roar.
I promise you’ll smile.
I promise your tears will fade.
I promise the comfort of the Sea will remind you who you are,
Where you come from.
Be still, feel the Wind,
And just listen.


~Peace and Love to You,

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